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Magnet Pro 2.7.0

Magnet pro mac cracked apps – Magnet Pro provides up, down, left and right, upper left corner, upper right corner. The lower left corner, lower right corner and full screen, restore the previous window size and other window positioning, but the actual operation still makes me a little disappointed, because many apps have designed the minimum window size, when you need to set “upper left corner, upper right corner .”The screen size of the lower left corner and the lower right corner, the size and position of many apps will not be set according to the settings, which is more regrettable.

Magnet Pro features:

The small screen has always been a pain in the minds of Mac users under 15 inches. The limitation of screen size makes you have to devise how to put more windows in a limited screen at the same time to reduce window switching time and improve work efficiency. .

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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