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macOS Big Sur 11.6.8 (20G730) Multilanguage

macOS Big Sur mac cracked apps – macOS Big Sur elevates the most advanced desktop operating system in the world to a new level of power and beauty. Experience Mac to the fullest with a refined contemporary design. Enjoy the most significant Safari update ever. Discover new features for Maps and Messages. And get even more transparency around your privacy.

macOS Big Sur


Install VMware Player (better with an advanced keyboard driver, you can choose when installing). Reboot.Run from administrator unlocker.exe (enters the distribution)Unpack the archive with macos_bigsur.vmdkRun VMware PlayerSelect open virtual machine and specify macos_bigsur.vmxIf necessary, you can install more processors (defaults 4, but it is not enough) and RAM.Press Play – VMware will ask about settings – Press I Copy It

Year of release: 2021Version: MacOS Big Sur 11.6 + Xcode 13.0Developer: Apple Inc.Platform: Intel, AMD has not triedInterface language: Russian + EnglishTablet: Unlocker for VMware PlayerSystem Requirements: VMware Player 16.1.2, 8GB RAM, 75GB, SSD.D.:

Fresh version of the Systems with the last Xcode at the moment.Password for User – 123QWEVMware-Tools installed, but in the hand, just in case the image has been added.Another homebrew, MC, HTOP is installed.It is recommended to set a minimum of 10GB RAM, otherwise it will be filled with an emulator in Xcode.It is recommended to run an image from an SSD disk

Last week might’ve been the most important week of this year for consumer laptops. Apple announced its new M1 chip, which, if the company’s claims about performance gains are to be believed, could redefine our expectations for laptop processors. But there’s another release this week that will usher in a big change for Mac users: macOS Big Sur.

Like the M1 chip, Big Sur is a step in Apple’s efforts to cohere its user experience across devices. Many of its “new” features will be familiar to owners of iPhones and iPads; it’s playing catch-up to iOS. Big Sur — through a series of minor tweaks and refinements — absolutely achieves the goal of making macOS look and feel more similar to iOS than it ever has before. Whether all of those features are as useful on a computer as they are on an iPhone is another question.

Should you update? My advice is usually to wait a few weeks and let early adopters report all the problems, especially with your primary work device. In this case, though, I would actually feel okay updating today. I’ve been using the operating system on a 2019 MacBook Pro 13 for the past several weeks. Apple really seems to have ironed out the numerous bugs that popped up during the surprisingly rough beta period, and the final release is quite stable without any major problems. There also aren’t any hugely disruptive changes like Catalina’s removal of 32-bit app support. (The exception is if you’re running a late-2013 or mid-2014 MacBook Pro; the update’s been causing some of those models to get stuck on a black screen. We’ve reached out to Apple for comment on these reports.)

Whenever you take the leap, though, you will notice the difference. If you’re an iPhone or iPad user, it’ll feel newly familiar. -macOS Big Sur

The headline feature is the redesign. The whole OS has a new look, which Apple says is its biggest design update to its desktop operating system since the debut of OS X. The company has made a number of tweaks that will sound small on paper but add up to an aesthetic that’s friendlier, more modern, and much closer to iOS.

For example: the dock icons for Apple’s apps now all have the same rounded-square shape. (Windows have rounder corners now as well, as do other elements like menus, checkboxes, dialog boxes, and sliders.) A number of apps also have new icons that look like their iOS 14 icons. Music is now the white eighth notes on a red background, Mail is the white envelope on a blue background, the Safari compass has been placed on a white background, etc. I do not have strong opinions on icon shapes, though I’m sure many people do. The old ones were fine; the new ones are fine, too. Overall, though, they contribute to a new, distinctly iPhone-y look and feel. -macOS Big Sur

Another change you may notice is that Big Sur makes greater use of transparent and translucent layers. The menu bar at the top, previously white, is now translucent, adopting the color of your desktop background. The text and menu bar icons adapt as well, turning white for dark backgrounds and black for light backgrounds. You’ll see some of this within apps as well — as you scroll past a dark picture in Safari, it changes the color of the toolbar.

One small annoyance here is that some older apps haven’t been updated to accommodate this. A clock utility I use called “Hour,” for example, stayed white on the menu bar when I swapped to a white background, making the icon difficult to see. You can turn off transparency in Accessibility, but that removes it for the whole interface and makes everything a lot uglier. It’s not worth doing for just a few apps. -macOS Big Sur

This isn’t the biggest deal — I imagine the group of users who both need obscure menu bar utilities and are unwilling to use a dark desktop background isn’t huge — but it underscores the fact that not all third-party apps are up to speed with the new design yet (and some will likely never be).

mac cracked apps

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