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Lungo 1.9.0

Lungo mac cracked appsss – is a screen anti-sleep on the Mac platform tool. The Lungo Mac version can keep your computer in a working state, even if watching a movie is not full screen, reading a long text without scrolling, it will not go to sleep under these circumstances.


Function introduction:

Read long articles without scrolling.

Use the screen to view real-time statistics.

Monitor the progress of long-running tasks.

Right-click the menu bar icon to quickly activate.

Select Activate, and then click the left mouse button in “Preferences”.

Select to activate at startup in preferences.

Allow display to sleep in “Preferences”.

Set the default duration in the preferences, which is used when is activated by clicking the menu bar icon.

Control from a script or terminal.

mac cracked appsss

Mac cracked app screenshot:

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