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Lumenzia 10.6.0 for Photoshop

Lumenzia mac cracked app: a simpler way to create stunning images.Luminosity masks allow you to create gorgeous and realistic edits in Photoshop. Lumenzia allows you to use use them quickly and easily. Its advanced JavaScript engine handles all the luminosity masking complexity for you in the background, so all you need to think about is making beautiful images.


How it works:Preview to easily choose the right preset or custom mask.Apply the preview as a selection or mask.Refine by location/color, clean up rough edges, and paint on the mask non-destructively for perfect results.

Key benefits:• Select and mask anything, visually! With Lumenzia, you get a full screen preview of the mask before you apply it. Interactively click on the image to select (or deselect) the tones/colors to the degree you wish. No guesswork with adding and subtracting channels. Isolate the mask to to specific parts of the image with a simple selection. And you can combine group masks to easily see the overall mask impact. It’s never been faster and easier to create or customize the right mask. And the masks are created in 16 and even 32-bit depth, allowing for smooth transitions in extreme masks.

• Click to pick! You don’t have to know which mask to use, just use the built-in zone and range tools to create the right mask automatically.• It’s stays out of the way. Lumenzia offers a compact panel with only the buttons you need, and completely eliminates the need for the channels pallet. This leaves room to easily see your images big and beautiful, even on a laptop screen. Every action in Lumenzia creates just a single history step, so you can undo anything with <ctrl>-Z. And because Lumenzia is programmed in JavaScript, it’s smart enough to take care of errors and other tricky situations for you.

• Simplify exposure blending. Automatically stack, align, and sort your exposures light to dark for blending.• Smaller files. Lumenzia doesn’t use channels, so your files stay small. Additionally, it offers BlendIf and vector masks to avoid layer mask bloat, as well as a “Combine” tool to reduce the impact of group masks. A typical TIF file from a Nikon D800 grows from 200MB to 1.4GB when creating channel masks, but would remain the same 200MB size in Lumenzia. And Lumenzia can combine group masks to significantly cut down on file size, often reducing file size by 20-50%!

• Beautiful vignettes with ease. Just draw a selection around the target area to create a vignette of any size, sharp, or position in the image. The vignette can be easily modified, inverted (to lighten the center) or combined with luminosity masks (to avoid darkening shadows too much).• For more information, please see the Lumenzia FAQ and full list of features.

Lumenzia features:• Streamlined workflow and completely custom masks• Sliders to easily customize the perfect luminosity mask• BlendIf and Vector masks (to save significant file space and avoid the need to update masks)• Ability to see and edit luminosity selections just like a layer mask• Add, subtract, or intersect any mask or selection for advanced control• Color masks (select by color and/or luminosity, visually)

• Local Contrast Enhancement (easily and automatically bring out more detail)• Live masks (see the blended result immediately and try different masks)• Zone masks for precise refinement• Zone and Range pickers (select the right mask visually by clicking on the image)• Zone maps to visualize the image in zones 0-10 or show blown highlights/shadows• “Lighter/Darker” masks (select pixels relative to surrounding pixels)

• Edge and Surface masks for halo removal and avoiding sharpening noise.• Refine masks to specific locations or colors in the image• Combine masks (merge group masks to save space and see exactly what is masked)• Advanced dodging and burning: revise dodge color/brightness, visual editing• Support for paths, to facilitate use of luminosity masks with hard edges in architecture• Split-screen to see the mask and image simultaneously• “PreBlend” to automatically stack, align, and sort exposures for blending• 32-bit masks and automatic grayspace optimization for the ultimate quality• Save files >4GB which can be viewed in Lightroom

• Custom vignettes• Non-destructive sponge tool (advanced saturation painting)• Saturation masks (color-specific vibrance control)• Apply or replace masks on existing layers with a single click• Luminosity and dust visualization tools to easily find and fix defects• Advanced sharpening methods for portraits (surface blur) and landscape (high pass)• Recordable actions to include light and dark masks/selections in your own actions.

• Training and support videos, as well as a comprehensive written manual• See demos and the full list of features for more details on the above features

Lumenzia is featured extensively in my Dodging & Burning and Exposure Blending Master Courses.

System requirements: Lumenzia is compatible with Photoshop CS6 – CC 2019+ on both Windows and OSX (CC 2019 or later recommended). This includes support for Apple Silicon.(including Big Sur and M1 / Apple Silicon under Rosetta).

macOS Install into /Library/Applications Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions.Version 10 requires Photoshop 23, but the v9 plugin will work on all versions down to CS 6

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