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Linguist 2.7

Linguist mac cracked apps – is a lightweight translator. It works by pointing the mouse cursor over some (possibly selected) text fragments and pressing twice. It displays a pop-up window with translation rights at the position of your mouse cursor. If you press MacLinguist, the currently selected text will be replaced with the translation. supports more than 40 languages.

Linguist function:

  1. How Linguist works

After pressing the “Control” button twice, it reads the text of the element currently under the mouse cursor. It can be text in any application: a piece of text in Safari, some text on a system button, or even a menu item in the menu bar. It can even translate file names-just point your mouse at the file in Finder! If you only want to translate a specific part of the text, you only need to select that part of the text and then press the “Control” button twice. Most OS X applications allow it to translate text immediately, but some applications (such as TextWrangler, Chrome, and Opera) require that text be selected (highlighted) before being translated.

IT can replace the currently selected text with the translation-hold down the Control key and press Option (Alt).

By default, it can translate any of the 40 supported languages ​​(the language that automatically detects text) into the current system language, but you can easily choose another target language that Linguist will translate text into.

  1. The basic version:

Highlight a section of text, double-click Control and pop up the translation while holding down Control. Press Options to replace the currently selected text with the translation.

Linguist works seamlessly with most applications and does not interfere with your work.

Ideal for short (up to two sentences) translation.

  1. Professional version of Linguist:

Do everything that the standard version does, plus:

Allow translation of larger text paragraphs.

Allows you to set the second target language. Essentially, you can translate in two directions: when you double-click Control, the text is translated into the first language. When you double-click Control while holding down the Fn key, the text will be translated into the second language. You can also paste any of these translations by pressing Alt.

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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