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Lilas Sky Ark

Lila’s Sky Ark

Lila’s Sky Ark mac cracked apps – In Lila’s Sky Ark, on an ill-fated morning, Lila and her friends, Mr Kipphen and Dr Sir Father, were awakened by bad news: the Conductor and his generals had invaded the Rainbow Ark to steal all the music and magic.

Lila’s Sky Ark

Repair the spirits of the island and create powerful weapons with alchemy to fend off your enemies! Use the souls of stones, the eyes of titans, endless branches and other unusual items in battles with crazy animals, hordes of imperial soldiers and bosses as harsh as heavy metal!

Along the way, you’ll meet quirky characters, solve mysteries, and uncover deep mysteries.


Create powerful weapons with the help of the secrets of alchemy.

Fend off crazy animals and hordes of pink soldiers.

Fight ruthless bosses in intense battles.

Throw whatever you find at your enemies: rocks, barrels, sheep and more!

Four exciting areas await you with unpredictable encounters, challenges and mysteries.

A whole bunch of quirky characters. –Lila’s Sky Ark

And behind it all is a story of loss and loneliness.

Is the prequel to Resolutiion, the critically acclaimed Zelda-inspired adventure game. She will talk about how the universe of the Red Code was born.

Lila’s psychedelic world is in grave danger. Help her and her eccentric friends stop the Conductor’s minions from destroying all things musical and magical in this meditative action-adventure game.

Explore this dark yet groovy world as you unravel the poetic mystery that is Lila’s story. Discover secrets, solve puzzles, and battle bizarre beasts and punishing bosses as you attempt to unite the Spirits and save the mysterious Sky Island from ruin.

Along the way, hunt down alchemy recipes to unlock new weapons. Battle enemies with rocks, Titan Eyes, cluster bombs, and anything else you can throw at them as you wander this music-inspired pixel dreamscape during Lila’s strange yet beautiful journey. -Lila’s Sky Ark

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