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Life is Strange 3

Life is Strange: Complete Season 1.0.3

Life is Strange: Complete Season mac cracked apps – is a five-episode game with a revolutionary approach to the story based on the consequences of the chosen actions, in which the player is allowed to turn back time and influence the past, present and future.

Life is Strange: Complete Season

You play the role of Max, a high school student who is fond of photography. Max saves his old friend Chloe and learns that she can turn back time. Friends will get acquainted with the dark side of the city of Arcadia Bay and discover the terrible truth about the disappearance of one of the students.

Max is overcome with forebodings, and she struggles to understand what consequences her power can bear. She has to learn that interfering with the past can sometimes lead to a terrible future.


– A modern adventure game with a great storyline.

– Turn back time to change the course of events.

– Different game endings depend on the decisions you make.

– Stunning handcrafted graphics.

– Sound track from original indie songs.

Mac cracked apps

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