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Life Is Strange 24 1

Life Is Strange 2: Complete Season 1.0.2

Life is Strange 2 mac cracked apps – is the same episodic interactive film with direct participation of the player. The whole game is divided into two gameplay modes: watching cut-scenes and choosing answers in dialogues, or rarely participating in point-and-click moments. The introductory part of the plot tells us about two boys who grow up surrounded by one parent, because the mother died long ago. Through the fault of fate or fate, the father dies in a tragic situation, and two children remain at the mercy of life. -Life Is Strange 2

Life Is Strange 2

The first episode is about Sean and Diaz. First, we get to know their fears, motives and desire to go to Mexico, and later we learn that one of the brothers has the ability to telekinesis, and that the police are not after the boys because of specific abilities. -Life Is Strange 2

The older brother always looks after his brother, so the younger brother’s abilities are not fully revealed – there are no opportunities and conditions. Two brothers go to Mexico, to their father’s homeland, to Puerto Lobos. There they seek salvation, so they go to America, and then the heroes face a real, difficult life question: what’s next?

Hiding the abilities of the younger brother becomes out of hand when he can completely remove the heroes from the conflict situation, however, with the help of a young brain, Sean manages to establish contacts with some people, and they very quickly stop sleeping at gas stations, in abandoned houses. However, players often face the question: steal, borrow or ask? Lie, tell the truth, or ask for help?

On the way, the characters get to know a lot of heroes, the player will lead them through the locations, use and collect items, and at the same time decide: to leave the brothers together or to separate them forever?

Mac cracked apps

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