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La Mulana 2

La-Mulana 2 v1.9.9.1

La-Mulana 2 mac cracked apps – is a continuation of the platform game from the studio of Japanese developers. We are transported to the world of mysterious dungeons, where we play as the mysterious heroine Lumisa Kosugi. We will have to do everything possible to get to Eg-Lana – the ancient ruins that should stop the evil. The game features a non-linear storyline, challenging puzzles you’ve never seen before, as well as many vibrant locations where you’ll definitely forget a few hours of real time!

La-Mulana 2

You can collect a lot of weapons, make friends, go to conquer the dungeons with a hint that everyone around will be killed. Even deadly bosses who have not let anyone into the ruins for several thousand years! The developers have added puzzles, challenging tasks and RPG stuffing so that you can upgrade your character for further progression.

The game is presented with elements of metroidvania, which means a huge number of items and crafting. Each item that you find on your way will be available for a certain number of blueprints, with which you can create unique equipment or weapons.

Puzzles include deciphering the messages on the stones, unraveling the mysteries of the ruins that you will find in each location.

The game has widescreen support, unlike the first part. Also in La-Mulana 2, a storyline was added, which is revealed on the basis of the actions of the characters from the first part of the game. All fans will remember Sean Kosugi, who was already looking for the treasures of La Mulan, but after that he retired and took up his life, and not looking for someone else’s.

Remember Mulbrook, who is actually 3024 years old despite looking 24.

Mac cracked apps

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