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Kodak Preps

Kodak Preps 9.0.0 Build 512

Kodak Preps mac cracked apps – Kodak Preps is Mac A professional printing imposition software suitable for books, picture albums, color boxes, hang tags, etc., on the platform, with functions such as mixed binding styles, assembly views, etc. The Preps imposition software can significantly reduce operating costs and turnaround time through digital imposition. Pre-press products can create conditions with Kodak Preps.

Kodak Preps Function introduction:

1. Imposition methods such as perfect binding, saddle stitching, double joint, single joint, joint joint printing and free joint printing are available.

2. Flexible template editor: users can use the templates in the preps imposition software template library or customize the templates themselves. The visual template editor can easily create and customize templates for any workflow. The template creation method is flexible. A template can include a variety of printing methods and imposition methods, which can be applied to different imposition requirements

3. Static marking function, its position is determined by coordinates. Including barcode, test strip, registration mark, edge mark, rectangle mark, text mark, dotted line mark, dotted line, post mark, etc.

4. The intelligent SMART mark function can be dynamically placed and resized, including custom marks, text marks, line marks, rectangular marks, repeat marks, post marks, crop marks, folding marks, etc. Its position can be automatically adjusted relative to the size of the printed sheet, the gutter or the form of the page definition mark or mark group, and the mark can be stored as a template. When the template is added to a new job, these marks will be automatically repositioned and resized. The marks of SmartMarks software can also be placed according to the relative page position

5. It can perform small and large color previews and monochrome previews on the screen, zoom in and out, and adjust the small and large pages during preview. The preps imposition software is fully integrated with Adobe PDF and PostScript 3 file pre-checkers, which can be previewed quickly and accurately; it can check the color separation on the screen, a single page or a complete printed sheet, including marks.

6, with spot color imposition function

7. With collage output function, used for small format photosetter to output large version

8, can print the blueprint of the imposition block

9, can output PS, PDF, JDF, PDTF files

10. JDF import, preps imposition software can now import JDF files from Management Information System (MIS). JDF can be used by the pre-press workflow in the upstream, and can be used by MIS in the downstream to update the layout details missing in the original document

11. Extended functions of Kodak Preps

Unlimited paper size, up to 400″x 400″

Mixed binding styles

Multiple products and parts

There are multiple parts on a printed sheet

Support new PDF library

Smart tags and tag groups

Work layout report

Template search tool

Use inventory to automatically calculate shingling and bottling

Web growth compensation (only for non-Kodak workflow applications)

Fully integrated with the latest version of PRINERGY Workflow

12. Extensive JDF functions

JDF input

JDF automatic signature matching

JDF automatic signature creation

JDF folding mode resources and the ability to create custom folding modes

JDF binding data output

JDF / PJTF / PDF / PS output

CIP3 cutting data export (JDF, PPF)

Kodak Preps Mac cracked apps screenshot:

Kodak Preps

VersionsUpdate timeDownloadDownload 2
V9.0.0 Build 51219/02/2021MegaOD

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