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Keep It

Keep It 2.0.14

Keep It mac cracked apps – Keep It is an efficient tool for saving notes, saving web links, and storing files on the Mac platform. Keep It Mac version supports iCloud synchronization. Users can synchronize their data on all iCloud-enabled devices.

Keep It

  1. Create, edit, view and save:

Notes with styles, checklists and attachments can be seen on all your devices

Use the web link for real-time preview, or save it as a pdf file for offline viewing

Plain text files, and MarkDown documents

Add any other types of files and view previews of most images, documents, web pages, etc.

View summaries and thumbnails in most file lists -Keep It

Use the recent list to see what you recently added or viewed

Share with iCloud

  1. Organization:

Folders allow you to organize things in a hierarchical manner-select a folder to view all the content contained in it and its subfolders

Use bundles to gather projects in one place

Use labels to provide color codes for fast visual identification

Add searchable tags and comments

Drag and drop the list of items to the favorite column for quick access

  1. Search and filter: -Keep It

Search everything: name, label, file content, date, type, etc.

Choose suggestions while searching to easily create complex searches

Use keywords and natural language when searching

Save search for later reuse -Keep It

Use tag filters to view all items with tags and other related tags

Compact mode simplifies applications into one column, suitable for use with other applications

Copy the clickable link to the project that saved it

Sharing extensions can add links, text, images and other files, and attach text in other applications

Save the file to save the folder to automatically add it to the library

Keep It is for writing notes, saving web links, storing documents, and finding them again. Available on Mac, and as a separate app for iPhone and iPad, changes are automatically made available to all your devices with iCloud. Keep It is the destination for all those things you want to put somewhere, confident you will find them again later.

Features -Keep It
  • Create, edit, view and save:
    • Notes with styles, checklists and attachments that look good and read well on all your devices
    • Web links with live previews, or saved as PDFs for offline viewing
    • Rich and plain text files, and Markdown documents
    • Add any other kind of file, and see previews for most images, documents, web pages, and more
    • See summaries and thumbnails in the list for most files
    • Use the Recents list to see things you’ve added or viewed lately
    • Share items with iCloud
  • Organize:
    • Folders let you organise things hierarchically – select a folder to see everything it and its subfolders contain
    • Use bundles to gather items into one place – items can be in more than one bundle at a time
    • Use labels to color-code items for quick visual recognition
    • Add searchable tags and comments
    • Make items favorites and drag lists to the Favorites Bar for quick access
  • Search and Filter:
    • Search everything in Keep It: names, tags, file contents, dates, kinds and more
    • Choose suggestions as you search to create complex searches with ease
    • Use keywords and natural language for dates while searching
    • Save searches for later reuse
    • Use the Tag Filter to see all items with a tag and any other relevant tags; choose another tag to drill down further
  • Use Keep It with other apps:
    • Compact Mode reduces the app to a single column, ideal for using alongside other apps
    • Drag pretty much anything to Keep It
    • Copy clickable links to items in Keep It
    • Share extension can add links, text, images and other files, and append text to notes from within other apps
    • Save files to Keep It’s folders to automatically add them to the library
    • Use a bookmarklet to add links from web browsers that don’t use Share extensions

*** You need to disable the System Integrity Protection (SIP) to perform the selected Application.

Mac cracked apps

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