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KanaOrigin 1.3.5

KanaOrigin mac cracked apps – is an app for learning 50 sounds, But more than that.

KanaOrigin function:

1. Origin

Starting from the origin, it will take you to understand the origin of Japanese kana, and the relationship with characters, and help you better understand and distinguish these kana.

2, quick search

The cheat sheet can quickly find the pseudonym, date and number you want to know when you need it.

3, study

It integrates a variety of learning methods of memory mode, and conducts intensive review according to the forgetting curve and proficiency. And be able to learn some practical Japanese words according to the learning progress.

In the latest version, an Apple Watch version has also been added, allowing you to gain something anytime, anywhere.

4. Test

Use spelling to strengthen your memory of unfamiliar pseudonyms.

5. Words

With vivid 3D models to enhance the memory and understanding of words, you will like this feature including your webcam. If they can see your real person appearing in the video, your audience will find your video more attractive!

mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:


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