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Kaleidoscope 3.6

Kaleidoscope mac cracked apps – Kaleidoscope is a compelling file picture and text on Mac. The comparison tool supports arbitrary text documents and image files. It can find differences and merge different documents or photographs very quickly and accurately. Its powerful merge and conflict resolution functions are elementary to use, and it supports subversion, Git, and Integration of version management tools such as Mercurial!


Spot changed text quickly
Whether it’s an article, an important letter, a legal contract, or source code, Kaleidoscope helps you manage text changes from inception to finished document.

There are three layouts to fit your preference: Blocks, Fluid, and Unified. Quickly navigate through the most readable and beautiful diff you’ve ever seen.

Works with Word and PDF
Kaleidoscope extracts and compares text, from many document formats, such as Word and PDF files.

1, general

Single window workflow: one tab for each comparison

Compare two + files: add any number of files to each tab

Always keep up to date: Automatically refresh when files are changed

File shelf: quickly go from file to file

Path bar: view the location of the file

Keyboard shortcuts: Each operation has a shortcut key

2, text range

Support any text file: plain text, source code, HTML, etc.


3. Clear comparison

Three layouts: block, fluid and unified

Compare documents: Import text from .doc and .rtf files

4. Instant search

Change stepper: quickly jump from change to change

Highlights: add, delete and change text

5. Image range

All popular image file formats: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PSD, etc. -Kaleidoscope

6. Four connection layouts: two-way, one-way, split and difference

Comprehensive image support: RGB / CMYK / LAB, alpha, any size.

7. Multi-touch support: smooth scrolling and pinch zooming

Customizable environment: change background color, difference mask and board settings

8. Two different mask modes: absolute or relative change of points

9. Points -Kaleidoscope

Git, Mercurial, SVN and Bazaar: Integrate in just a few clicks

10. Version

TextMate SVN

11. Cornerstone

ksdiff command line tool: almost anything can be integrated -Kaleidoscope

Sometimes you want to get rid of all the UI and just focus on the content. Using a single shortcut, the new Reader view hides all non-essential window chrome and puts your content front and center.

Kaleidoscope finds the most readable way to express changes, instead of just displaying what is simplest for a computer to parse. Our custom comparison engine is designed to give you the clearest possible overview.

Compatibility: macOS 10.12.0 or later, 64-bit processor

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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