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John Wick Hex

John Wick Hex 1.03

John Wick Hex mac cracked app – is a fast Rhythmic action strategy game. The game is derived from a widely acclaimed movie series. Players play the role of the protagonist and professional killer John Wick, thinking and fighting like him. “John Wick Hex” works closely with the film creative team, and the action scenes are carefully designed. The essence of the original movie is presented in the form of video games, which not only has the iconic kung fu fight in the movie, but also expands the story line of the movie. Players must make quick decisions, choose every action and every attack, and also need to consider the costs and consequences that follow.

John Wick Hex content:

“John Wick Hex” uniquely integrates strategic dynamic combat, captures the unique tactical combat elements in the movie, and blurs the boundaries between strategy and action game types. Make the right choice, advance the main story (including original stories created specifically for the game), unlock new weapons, suits and locations. Each weapon can upgrade the tactics you can choose and how you play. The ammunition is limited and the design is simulated. Therefore, please calculate the reloading time and make good use of the weapons collected during the mission.

“John Wick Hex” uses a unique dark design style to complement the movie theme. Performed by world-class voice masters, including Ian McShane and Lance Reddick, the lineup is star-studded.

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