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JixiPix PhotoArtista Oil

JixiPix PhotoArtista – Oil 2.57

JixiPix PhotoArtista – Oil mac cracked apps – is an oil painting application, you can create your own original artwork without spending any time. Our efficient method, coupled with a simple interface, requires some simple steps: select the photo, select the settings and save. Artista Oil can do all the work for you, or customize your masterpiece with fully adjustable controls, it’s that simple! In JixiPix, the only requirement is art appreciation-we will take care of the rest! – JixiPix PhotoArtista – Oil

JixiPix PhotoArtista – Oil function:

1. Oil painting style

Classic oil-use traditional brushstrokes to blend colors naturally

Impression oil painting method-apply brush strokes to control the thickness and depth of the paint

2, include

Three easy-to-replace brushes: straight, curved and round

Control paint color, brush size and bristle depth

18 Art Edge

38 One-click settings for portraits and landscapes

3. Each JIXIPIX product function

Support high resolution images and output

Undo multiple times

Random button

Quick preview

Customizable settings

mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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