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JixiPix PhotoArtista Haiku

JixiPix PhotoArtista – Haiku 2.55

JixiPix PhotoArtista – Haiku mac cracked apps – is a software that can add watercolor effects to photos and pictures. You can easily use it to watercolorize pictures imported into the software, support customizing various watercolor special effects, and support high-resolution images and output. – JixiPix PhotoArtista – Haiku

JixiPix PhotoArtista – Haiku function:

1. Watercolor style

Abstract watercolor painting-directly extract colors from the photo, blend them into water drop shapes, and then apply these shapes to the light, medium and dark areas of the image.

Stylized watercolor painting-create a kaleidoscope of water colors, and then use the same technique to distribute colored water droplets to the bright, medium and dark areas of the image.

2, include

Indian ink outline, can control outline details

Color area is adjustable; color intensity and edge wettability

54 kinds of artistic aging, distress and painting backgrounds

14 exquisite borders

Lots of presets let you get started quickly

3. Each JIXIPIX product function

Support high resolution images and output

Undo multiple times

Random button

Quick preview

Customizable settings

mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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