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JixiPix Photo Formation Pro1

JixiPix Photo Formation Pro 1.0.15

JixiPix Photo Formation Pro mac cracked apps – JixiPix Photo Formation Pro comes with a one-touch preset library that allows you to get started quickly, and there is a random button that can automatically present a variety of paper creations until you are satisfied. You can then use the move, rotate, and zoom tools to customize each composition, which is the limit that can be done!

JixiPix Photo Formation Pro Features:

Includes 8 creative paper effects

Photo weave, Panographic, photo slice, photo strip, fold Defy, Rip, crease and wrinkle

Photo Weave divides your image into columns and rows, and then interlocks them to form a realistic basket weave. Weave multiple photos by selecting strips and import the second image for clever weaving. Can rotate, move and delete all bands. Use the cooling flip tool to send the strips under each other.

PanographicPanographic automatically arranges multiple photos of a subject to form a patchwork composition. Add another image to the composition by selecting the slice, and then import the photo. The image tool moves and resizes the image as a whole or in each photo collage.

Photo slice Photo slice uses the line tool you draw on the photo to slice the image. Slice as many times as possible, or criss-cross to create a piecemeal look. In JixiPix Photo Formation Pro Mac, use the shift image and rotate option to make it look mismatched, and then change the slice from clean to tear. Have fun, this is photo art!

Photo Strip The Photo Strip automatically slices the photo into horizontal, vertical or radial stripes. Choose the number of bars you want, how thick they are, if you want to curl up at both ends. The shape library will take this effect to another level by matching stripes to creative spirals and other shapes.

Folding Defy folding automatically folds and automatically folds paper, which can control wrinkles and folds. In JixiPix Photo Formation Pro Mac, use columns and rows to set the number of folds and specify the folding direction. A powerful 3D lighting system creates highlights and creates projections for the paper that really pops up.

Rip opens the area by rotating the area on the image, and then switches the mode to add the area. Select a graphic from the library or import a custom area to cut out the graphic. Create a transparent background by reducing the color intensity, and then save it as .png or .tif so that you can easily add them to your work.

Crease fold the image by drawing on the photo using the line tool. Draw as many creases as needed, and then decide whether you want them to rise or fall. In JixiPix Photo Formation Pro Mac, use the perspective slider to increase the overall depth and automatically adjust the viewing shadow to fold the paper.

Wrinkle Crumple automatically crumples the image into a ball, and then smooth and flat. In JixiPix Photo Formation Pro Mac, use the perspective slider to raise and expand the edge and wrinkle of the paper, and the wrinkle and depth slider to control the amount of ripples and wrinkles. Adjustable surface lights will keep your paper looking natural

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