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iWall 4.0.0

iWall mac cracked apps is a very interesting dynamic desktop wallpaper software , You can use any format of beautiful video, audio, pictures, animation, Flash, gif, swf, programs, web pages, websites as your live wallpaper, dynamic desktop, and can interact. iwall live wallpaper software has many functions, simple to use, small size, does not occupy resources, runs smoothly and safely.

iWall features:

1. For the first time, just click the iWall icon in the upper right corner of the menu bar. You can also right-click the iWall icon in the Dock bar to pop up the settings menu bar. After you click Preferences, a function option box will pop up. Remember to use web resources in the downloads directory.

2. If you want to interact with the desktop (that is, a dynamic desktop source that can be played), just click the hidden desktop icon to interact. Click to display the desktop icon (non-interactive), you can switch between the two at will.

3. Audio (visualization function) will display the waveform with the external sound (you can also record your own singing and talking sounds) and dance. That is to say, you can arbitrarily match the audio visual desktop with different sound effects and backgrounds, which is really very fun. (With the system’s built-in player recording screen, you can easily record various effects of audio visual video and your own simple production of various effects of dynamic desktop source, audio and video synchronization screen recording.)

4. The software has many functions, simple to use, small in size, does not occupy resources, and runs smoothly, stably and safely. Let your desktop be ever-changing, unique, dynamic, stylish and vivid. There is stillness in motion, there is movement in stillness, you can move whenever you want, and you can switch at will. Endless fun! There are many ways to play, waiting for you to discover.

mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:


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