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iSMARTtrain 4.2.2

iSMARTtrain mac cracked apps is an excellent fitness record software, it is a practical software that can help us conveniently carry out detailed records of training. It is used to store and review your exercise training. It is designed for multi-sport athletes, such as triathlon, but can also be applied to single-sport athletes, such as cyclists and runners. – iSMARTtrain

iSMARTtrain function:

  1. Record your training and analyze your performance

iSMARTtrAIn is a powerful and flexible training log and data analysis application that allows athletes and fitness enthusiasts at all levels to get the most from training and competition. It allows you to quickly and easily track your training, monitor your progress, and build your training and competition history. You can enter the data manually or download it from a heart rate monitor or power meter. – iSMARTtrain

  1. Download from Garmin, PowerTap and SRM devices

iSMARTtrAIn allows you to download from Garmin, PowerTap, SRM and Polar devices. The data can also be imported into other applications such as Garmin Express, PowerTap’s PowerAgent and Polar PPP.

  1. Cooperative development with Joe Beer

The software has been developed with leading sports scientist, coach, and writer Joe Beer ( He is the author of “The Need for Triathlon.” His new book Time Crunched Triathlon, the first annual magazine of the year 220 Coaches and coaches to national, European and world championships. Qiao provided valuable advice for software from the perspective of software science and coaching. Future versions will continue to benefit from his knowledge and experience.

  1. Download

Download heart rate, speed, altitude and power data from many Gps devices, heart monitors and power computers, including Garmin, SRM, CycleOps / PowerTap and Polar.

  1. Display downloaded data

The data downloaded from the heart monitor and power meter can be seen as a graph showing HR, speed, power, altitude, etc. You can also display the maximum and average values ​​for each data type, one circle for the entire session or each data type. You can select a single reading on the graph, or select an area of ​​the graph and display the data in that area.

  1. Review session data

The data can be viewed as a bar graph showing the number of sessions per week or month, training time, distance, etc. This can be viewed from 4 weeks to 24 months and has a selectable start date. The session intensity can also be displayed using TRIM. Can display total training time, distance, session and average speed, grouped by week, month or year.

  1. Enter data manually

If a heart monitor is not available, you can also enter data manually. You can also enter data such as calories consumed, fluids and carbohydrates consumed, and equipment used. If your heart monitor provides this data, but there is no download function, you can also enter the heart rate zone data.

Import Data Data can be imported from many other training applications, including Garmin Connection and Training Center, PowerTap’s PowerAgent, Polar PPP and SRM software, allowing you to save all training records in one application.

  1. Display data distribution and HR area

The downloaded data can also be displayed as a distribution graph showing the amount of time spent between the two limits (for example, time spent at speeds of 10 km / h to 20 km / h, 20 km / h and 30 km / h etc. ). Heart rate, speed, rhythm and power data can be displayed on this chart. The time spent in the heart rate zone can also be displayed.

mac cracked apps

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