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Iridient Developer

Iridient Developer 3.5.1

Iridient Developer mac cracked app – is a powerful image processing It allows you to open and edit popular digital image file formats, including high-quality RAW data. Able to handle common file formats, such as JPEG, PNG or TIFF. In addition, the application can also handle HDR or RAW image files.

Iridient Developer introduction:

Quickly import the entire image folder and preview each added picture for processing

To get started, you must point Iridient Developer to the folder containing the image to be processed: the utility will also import the files stored in the subfolders. It is worth noting that Iridient Developer can also process RAW images (including a powerful demosaicing algorithm).

In addition, you can adjust the size of the RAW image (using camera settings, maximum value, or custom trim) and specify when the application applies the Apple RAW conversion method (never or always for unsupported image formats).

Contains detailed image adjustment functions, which can be accessed through the label panel

The main window of Iridient Developer allows you to browse the imported images and preview them in the center area.

At the same time, through the settings panel associated with each photo, the utility provides a wide range of image adjustment options: you can change the amount of exposure, the amount of color correction, enter a profile, and more.

Last but not least, Iridient Developer also provides an image histogram in a separate window: you can choose between RGB, RED, green, blue, RGB colors, RGB+, CIE brightness, CIE Brightness, CIE chroma, brightness, hue or saturation.

A powerful but easy-to-use image processor that can help you handle various tasks

In addition, in the toolbar at the top of the main window of Iridient Developer, you can see the RGB pixel values ​​of the currently selected pixels, or access basic image processing tools: crop, rotate, zoom in or zoom out.

If you need to batch process RAW image files, but can also process image files with lower requirements, Iridient Developer is an excellent tool.

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Mac cracked app screenshot:

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