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Internet Speed Test 3.4 fix

Internet Speed ​​Test mac cracked apps – is a Mac The network speed test tool can test the maximum upload and download speed of your network, get accurate download and upload speed of all the detailed test reports executed on your network.

Internet Speed Test introduction:

One-click Internet speed test from the right-click menu bar.

Upload and download your internet connection speed.

Export .TXT date and time internet speed test format report.

Get the public IP address of your computer.​​

Just click to copy the MAC address of your computer.

The PC’s network connection is displayed as a dark gray icon.

The retina displays the enabled icon.

Easy to use interface.

The best market.


Number of tests: Do the number of tests to get accurate results

Delay time: The time delay between the observed cause and the effect of some physical changes in the system.

Jitter time: the number of blocks of information spent in time, called a packet to travel through the network

Public IP: Your public IP address is a different server/device when you connect to these recorded IP addresses through an Internet connection.

Test server: The location of the server user determines your internet speed.

MAC address: the unique identifier assigned to the physical network segment communication of the network interface

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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