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In Other Waters 1.0.0(37037)

In Other Waters mac cracked app – you will play as a Artificial intelligence guides a lonely alien biologist through the beautiful and mysterious alien ocean. – In Other Waters

In Other Waters content:

Ellery was invited by Minae Nomura to the planet Gliese 677Cc, but found that the base here has been abandoned. She had no choice but to drift in the mysterious ocean on the planet, with only a malfunctioning diving suit and a strange artificial intelligence as her companion. You will play this artificial intelligence. – In Other Waters

Guide Ellery to dive deep to explore the underwater alien world, while also ensuring her safety. Discover the unique life and dark history on this planet. As more and more secrets are revealed, the bond between you and Ellery will also face many tests. – In Other Waters

With the ups and downs of the story, “Lone Star Silence” will also explore the essence of “natural” life and “artificial” life, and explore the meaning of human existence in an era of extreme environmental destruction. In order for life to continue, there must be change.

Explore the alien ocean

Move freely in various locations and discover new unknown areas. Through these discoveries, various samples and upgrades can be obtained, and then new locations, side missions, and special dialogues with Ellery can be unlocked in places visited.

Insight into the world as artificial intelligence

Operate the beautiful and intuitive interface of the game by mouse or touch. Analyze various signals, set the way forward, and explore the ocean by experiment or intuitive judgment.

Become an alien biologist

Discover and classify alien life through observation, scanning, sampling and interaction. Read Ellery’s notes and view the sketches she drew to help her classify the whole new ecosystem.

Plan diving operations

It’s up to you whether you want to research creatures, investigate secrets, or dive into new areas. After returning to the base, you can study samples in the laboratory, talk to Ellery or read her diary to learn more about the world.

Build a lasting bond

You exist in her wetsuit. It is necessary to increase understanding of her through limited communication opportunities and help her make difficult choices. Everything you experience together will make your relationship closer.

mac cracked app

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In Other Waters

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