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iMovie 10.1.14

iMovie mac cracked app is officially produced by Apple Video editing software designed specifically for the Mac OS platform is part of the iLife suite of applications on Macintosh computers. It allows users to edit their own home movies. iMovie logo When iMovie first appeared, it was popular because of its simplicity. Most of the work can be done with simple clicks and drags. With its beautiful and streamlined design, iMovie focuses on video, allowing you to interpret stories in an unprecedented way. Browse the video library, share the moments you love, and make stunning HD movies and Hollywood-style trailers. With iCloud, you can use iMovie Theater to watch movies on all devices.

iMovie introduction:

1. Browse and share videos

  • View all the video clips and photos you have organized in one place

  • Quickly share clips or parts of clips

  • The background import function allows you to watch and share videos instantly

2. Making Hollywood-style trailers

  • Choose from 29 trailer templates, including fascinating pictures and original soundtracks from the world’s top film scorers

  • Customized film producer logo, cast list and production staff list

  • Use the dynamic drag-and-drop zone to choose the most suitable video and photo for the trailer

3. Make perfect 4K and HD movies

  • Edit videos up to 4K resolution on a compatible Mac, including videos taken by iPhone 6s, GoPro and other ultra-high-definition cameras (1)

  • Supports 1080p high-definition video at 60 frames per second for smoother and more realistic action shots

  • Import movies and trailers made with iMovie on iPhone or iPad to complete production on Mac

  • Improve your movie effect by adding subtitles, transitions, 3D spheres and travel maps.

  • Use fast forward to speed up playback, or slow motion to slow down playback

  • Create complex picture-in-picture, side-by-side and green screen special effects

  • Use built-in music and sound effects, iTunes library tracks, songs recorded in GarageBand, and your own narration to make a soundtrack

4. Fine-tune each segment

  • Use the one-click enhancement function to instantly improve the picture and sound of the video

  • Use easy-to-use color control options to enhance your video

  • Anti-shake processing for shaking videos to bring a more comfortable viewing experience with a smoother picture

  • Use Ken Burns special effects to automatically zoom in on faces and browse panoramic photos

  • 48 interesting video and audio effects for you to choose from

5. Use iMovie Theater to watch movies anytime, anywhere

  • When sharing clips, movies and trailers, fill up iMovie Theater with posters

  • Use iCloud to access iMovie Theater on all your devices

  • Enjoy iMovie Theater content on HDTV with Apple TV

6. Share with relatives and friends

  • After logging in to iCloud, you can use Mail Drop to send videos by email

  • Publish videos directly to video sites and social networking sites

  • Any video frame can be shared as an image

7. iOS developers: Create application previews for the App Store

  • Can import iPhone and iPad screen recording videos captured with QuickTime Player

  • Use 11 kinds of animated subtitles designed to show running applications to highlight personality

  • Export the completed video through the sharing option of “Application Preview”

8, (1) 4K export requires a Mac (2011 or later models) with at least 4 GB of RAM. IMac with Retina display and Mac Pro (2013 or later) connected to 4K display support full resolution 4K playback.

mac cracked app

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