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Image Exif Editor 5.1.1

Image Exif Editor mac cracked apps – Image Exif Editor is the best and easiest way to view and edit image EXIF ​​metadata. It aims to present detailed information about how to take photos in a clear and easy-to-understand format through powerful EXIF ​​metadata editing functions. It is the most powerful tool for processing EXIF ​​information in your favorite images.

Image Exif Editor Features:

The easiest way to edit Exif data

You don’t need to know more details about changing the image metadata, Image Exif Editor provides you with many visible presets for you to choose, so you only need to choose one to edit. It is so easy!

Batch image editing

Images supported by Exif data editing Exif editor supports batch image editing: you can apply the modification of one image to other images, and you can modify or clear the EXIF ​​metadata in batches

You can view the location where the photo was taken on the map, and you can easily drag the pin to set a new location where the photo was taken.

Enhanced GPS geolocationedit

GPS geolocation editing is commonly used, so using Image Exif Editor’s enhanced GPS geolocation, you can search for a place and drag the pin to change it to the destination. You can also enter latitude and longitude values ​​to reposition the image. You can find other amazing features when using this feature.

Quick search allows you to easily find and edit the Exif metadata of an image

You can quickly find the image you want to edit by typing the name you want to search among a large number of images.

Undo redo support for batch editing

You can redo the edits to abandon the edits when you change your mind, and you can clear everything by clicking the clear all button in the batch operation area.

Easily find the edited fields through different colors, and identify the edited image through the image status icon.

Easy to use user interface

Support most image formats

jpeg, png, dxv, cr2, crw, mrs, tiff, dng, nef, pef, sr2, srw, orf, PGF, EPS, XMP, GIF, PSD, TGA, BMP, JP2, etc.

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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