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iLock 3.2.0

iLock mac cracked apps – is an application on Mac The lock protection tool is different from other folder encryption software. directly locks the application. When running the locked application, it will ask for a password. It is easy to use and protects personal privacy. It also supports when the password is entered incorrectly. To take pictures through the camera, for the webmaster, I need to lock my note-taking software and email software, then it comes in handy, very practical and good software!

iLock introduction:

1. Easy to use

is very easy to use. Select any application you want to protect by dragging and dropping. After doing this, choose a password. The selected apps are now password protected.

2. Background process

is a background process and does not use any system resources.

3, Touch ID support

Use Touch ID to unlock the app.

4. Security

Use AES encryption scheme. No one can launch a protected application without knowing the password.

5. Records

When someone tries to launch a protected application, please follow up.

6. Take photos

View users who have tried and failed to start the protected application.

7. Hotkey access

Create a custom hotkey to display iLock

8. Localization

English, Dutch, French, German, Russian, Simplified , Japanese, Greek, Hungarian, Spanish, … more information.

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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