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iFinance 4.5.23

iFinance mac cracked apps – allows you to make the most convenient and fast Ways to keep track of your income and expenses. Just take a quick look at its useful evaluation and chart functions, and you will immediately understand where you spent your money and your source of income-so you can easily optimize your financial situation! iFinance’s automatic classification, keywords, budgeting and analysis functions can turn your bank financial history into a list that is stronger than net data.


Do you want to know the performance of your assets, or why your bank account is always spent on a fixed basis but you don’t know where your monthly salary goes? knows all the answers. Is it current consumption such as night or mortgage, insurance, food or borrowing? Or is it having fun with friends at night, special circumstances, impulse purchases and tobacco products that add huge bills?

Let analyze your financial situation and immediately see your biggest spending items and where you have potential savings.

Function introduction:

Online function and import

Import your transaction as CSV-, QIF-, OFX- or mt940 file brake to view all transactions. can also print the transfer form. Customers of German banks can use HBCI import and HBCI banking.

WiFi or iCloud synchronization

Sync your data between Mac computer, iPhone and iPad via iCloud or integrated WiFi. The integrated WiFi synchronization function also allows you to use and edit the database with multiple users. This is useful if you are responsible for the financial affairs of a club or organization, or if you want to manage bank accounts with others.

Graphs, reports, budgets and budget analysis

iFinance 4 provides better customized charts and reports. According to the specifications you set, iFinance will analyze where your money came from and where it was spent. Budgets can also be created for specific categories, such as monthly budgets for clothing, groceries or evening movies.

Dedicated apps for iPhone and Apple Watch are available

iFinance mobile version can be used for iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch only need to be purchased separately. The mobile version provides a full range of iFinance functions for purchase in the iOS App store.

Mac cracked apps screenshot:


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