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iDatabase 6.6

iDatabase mac cracked apps – is a personal information database management tool. Using iDatabase, you can manage member lists, fees, projects, track your passwords, Internet accounts and more! You can choose to use and easily personalize database templates to organize any type of information, or you can create a brand new database from scratch. Allows you to catalog all the information you need, and then easily find it when you need it.

iDatabase introduction:

1, include template

Choose from 22 readily available database templates, which you can customize according to your needs. Includes the following templates: account, book, CD collection, course, computer, contact, customer, DVD collection, event, exercise log, expense, inventory, member list, mobile phone, movie catalog, notes, pet care, project, recipe, record , To-do list, vehicle maintenance.

2. Supported fields

With iDatabase, you have a large number of different fields to enter your information. iDatabase allows you to store data in 14 different types of fields:

Small text: Use small text fields to store characters, symbols and numeric characters as text in one line of text, instead of scroll bars.

Large text: Use the large text field to store letters, symbols and numeric characters used as text in multiple lines of text through the scroll bar.

Number: Use number fields to store integers or decimals.

Date: Use the date field to store the date.

Time: Use the time field to store the time.

Date and time: Use the date and time field to store the date and time together to reference a fixed point in the calendar time.

Image: Use image fields to store images.

Select: Use the selection bar to display a list of mutually exclusive options. The item selector field is used as a method to select an option from two or more lists.

Calculated fields: Use calculated fields to display the results of arithmetic operations between the contents of numeric fields. The calculation field can be the result of addition, multiplication, ratio and subtraction.

Email: Use the email field to store email addresses

Link: Use the Web link field to store website links, FTP addresses or other URLs.

Checkbox: Use the checkbox field to indicate that an option must be turned on or off.

Password: Use the password field to store passwords or any other reasonable text data.

Phone: Use the phone field to store the phone number.

3. Protect with code

Apps can be protected with access codes to prevent unauthorized use.

4. Synchronization/export/import and backup

iDatabase for Mac can be synchronized with iDatabase for iPhone via Wi-Fi (sold separately). The application supports backup and restore, export and import databases in .idatabase and .CSV formats. The .idatabase file saves the complete content and structure of the database, including pictures, and can also be used by the iPhone version of iDatabase.

mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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