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iClock Pro 5.7.2

iClock Pro mac cracked apps – iClock replaces the old Apple’s default menu bar clock, with more functions, customization and improving your work efficiency.

iClock Pro

iClock Features:Two types of calendars (small or large calendars) can be accessed from the menu bar to help you view and easily edit your schedule and eventsClick the time from the menu bar to view the local time and important information of any city in the world, a convenient customizable menu

‘Take 5’is a rest or pomadoro timer that reminds office workers to take a few minutes to stand up or get more exerciseDisplay date, date and time in different fonts and colors in the menu barGlobal Scheduler: Help you arrange the schedule of international meetings to suit everyone’s scheduleImmediately set an alarm from the menu bar to cook eggs, make meetings, errands or anniversariesCountdown timer, stopwatch and floating clock ktopThe floating clock can be analog or digital. Analog has dozens of clock faces

In all these miniapps, the Apple clock cannot customize the time/dateAdd an application menu to the menu bar (such as in OS 9) to view all running applications and switch to themCustomize the BigCal color, size, etc. according to> your preferences, add your favorite photos and print a calendar of 1 to 12 months for your walls or friendsAll the above options can be turned on or off, and can be customized in hundreds of ways to meet your needsiClock is about productivity and not just about business! Enjoy moon phases, ringtones with sound effects such as Big Ben or Cuckoo Clock, and application menus, view all running applications and switch to them.

Mac cracked apps

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