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iCab 5.9.2

iCab mac cracked app – is for Apple Mac Alternative to the web browser, it is a browser App launched by German independent developer Alexander Clauss in 2009, which has many useful functions not found in other browsers. Browsing videos, articles, pictures, etc. can all experience the fun of Miaokai.

iCab function:

1. Filter advertising banners, etc.

iCab can block unwanted content such as advertisements and pop-up windows. In addition, many settings can be automatically configured based on the URL of the page you visit, so you can set separate browser settings for different websites.

2, kiosk mode

In Kiosk mode, iCab will cover the entire screen, and all other applications will be blocked. Kiosk mode is an ideal environment for computers to visit public places (such as trade fairs, exhibitions, hotels, etc.). Users should be able to obtain information while preventing any external access to your system. In addition, access rights can be restricted to certain pages.

3, download manager

You can download files or even entire web pages to conveniently access content offline without having to go online again.

4. Source code manager

iCab can display the source code of the page itself, or open it in a text editor. As long as you save the HTML code in the editor, iCab can automatically reload and redisplay the entire page. You can easily access all the files used in the current page in the list, where the files are sorted by type (image, HTML code, CSS code, JavaScript code, etc.).

5, Windows and tabs

At any time, you can easily decide whether to open the link or bookmark in a new window or tab in the background or in the foreground

6, more

HTML pages can be stored in a compact ZIP file, including all the images of the page.

iCab can warn users when visiting malware or phishing websites. It is highly configurable.

mac cracked app

Mac cracked app screenshot:

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