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HyperDock mac cracked apps – provides quite rich settings, users can Set the window preview size, shortcut close button, Space setting, etc. Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more. Download and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Mac cracked apps.

HyperDock introduction:

1. Window previewHyperDock window preview function further optimizes the Taskbar function. The window preview function can display the windows opened by the same application at one time. However, display methods that use multiple tabs, such as firefox and Safari, can only display a window preview, and cannot display all tabs.

In the window preview state, the user can directly select the program window to be used in the window preview. At the same time, when the mouse moves to the preview window, the current application window will be automatically fronted. This is consistent with the Taskbar function of Windows 7. You can also close the application window directly in the window preview.

2. Automatic arrangementThe automatic arrangement of windows in Windows 7 facilitates dual-screen browsing and is especially suitable for multi-threaded work. Mac OS X system does not provide a maximize button, only “the most suitable size button, minimize and close buttons”. window auto-arrangement function can realize the function of maximizing the edge of the current window under Mac OS X.

HyperDock can drag the window to the top of the screen to quickly maximize to full screen. Mac OS X comes with no window maximize shortcut operation. At the same time, when the window is dragged to the left and right edges, the window can directly occupy half of the screen. Convenient for users who need to open two windows at the same time.

3. Integrate Space useHyperDock also integrates Space management functions. If the user enables the Space mode, simply move the mouse to the running program in the Dock to show which space the application belongs to. You can use the mouse to directly drag at least the current Space desktop, making the already powerful Space even more powerful.

4. Quickly manage itunes and iCalHyperDock can also directly manage the music playback of itunes. HyperDock can view iTunes music playback information in the window preview state, or perform some basic playback operations. HyperDock can also view the iCal schedule, but it can only view the basic schedule without reminding it, which seems a little inadequate.

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Screenshot of the software:​

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