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Hype Pro

Hype Pro 4.1.1

Hype Pro mac cracked apps – Hype Pro is a web design software that helps non-programming users to easily create HTML 5 and complex animation effects. Users can create desktop computers, smartphones and tablets by simply dragging and selecting An HTML 5 website and animation that works perfectly on a computer.

Hype Pro was released by a former Apple employee and has received a lot of praise after its launch. Today, Hype’s development company Tumult officially released Hype version 3.0. Hype 3 uses a new UI design, adding 24 time functions. In addition, Tummult also launched the Hype Pro version, so that users who need more functions can complete the upgrade through in-app purchases.

Hype Pro Features:

Hype 3 uses new icons and designs, and better supports , but the effect of the icons still looks strange. There are two rulers on the square in the wooden texture, and irregular shapes in black and white, but HTML 5 The logo is particularly prominent. When running Hype 3 for the first time, the application will provide some functional overview, tutorials, and various new skills. The user can click on the function on the right to view.

The default interface of Hype 3 adopts professional black design and is divided into 5 main areas, including the toolbar at the top, scene switching on the left, the content area in the middle and the animation control area. On the far right is some control over elements, symbols, and page attributes. The overall interface operation of Hype 3 is somewhat similar to Xcode, but with a more simplified operation process, users only need to enter the content in the blank area, and then select the animation changes of the content.

In the general settings of Hype 3, you can adjust the theme tone of the user interface, as well as some warning prompt settings. In addition, Hype 3 can also synchronize data through Dropbox, and the application does not currently support iCloud Drive. Finally, the application also recommends Hype Reflect for iOS. Hype for iOS can preview the web pages and HTML 5 animations generated by Hype in real time. In general, Hype 3 integrates complex web page and animation creation functions into a simple and easy-to-use interface. Of course, it takes some energy and time to learn Hype 3, but the overall process is easier than learning.

Mac cracked apps

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