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Hookshot 1.23.1

Hookshot mac cracked apps – Hookshot is a tool for quickly moving and managing windows through the cursor. Its biggest bright spot is that it supports moving and adjusting the position and size of the window by means of shortcut keys + cursor.

Hookshot Software function:

  1. Just one modifier key combination can place your window in the desired position.

There is no need to remember a lot of keyboard shortcuts, but these are also here.

  1. The only window manager you need
  2. Keyboard shortcuts

Drag the window to the edge of the screen to capture

Just hold a key and move the cursor to move and resize

Snap the window under the cursor, even if the focus is not clear

  1. Efficiency and speed

You can use fast and simple cursor movement and modifier key combinations to configure each window action.

When you move the cursor to the window you want to capture, just press and release the modifier key.

  1. Master the screen

Filling in the left and right directions can maximize screen usage without overlapping

Built on the open source Rectangle application

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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