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Home Inventory

Home Inventory 4.4.3

Home Inventory mac cracked apps – is a convenient and practical fixed asset management tool. Can help you organize receipts, warranty information, product manuals, maintenance plans, repair and improvement notes, and other important information about your home and its contents. With Home Inventory, all of this information is concentrated in one place and is easy to find.

Home Inventory Features:

Many people do not realize that they are not covered by insurance until a disaster occurs and they need to file a claim. Family inventory can handle the complex insurance rules and restrictions in most insurance policies, and its coverage analysis tool can let you know exactly what kind of situation you are in and is in an overinsurance state.

Most importantly, Home Inventory is completely private. Your advertising resources are stored on a Mac, not on a company ’s server, and may be hacked or sold to other parties. If there is a problem with your Mac, Home Inventory’s powerful backup function can back up your data to your iPhone or iPad and elsewhere. You can also back it up to a cloud sync folder on your Mac, such as Dropbox or iCloud Drive. You always control how and where your inventory information is kept.

Stay organized – eliminate clutter

Store user manuals, residential inspection reports, bulk surveys, contracts, and other documents related to your home and its contents.

Keep the receipt of items, repair, maintenance, decoration, etc.

Track item warranty information.

Date notes allow you to track maintenance, improvements and other information about your items and home.

Ready in case

Store detailed information about your items, such as brand, model, serial number, purchase price and date, value, warranty information, and more.

Store multiple photos of your project and home.

The detailed information, receipts and photos in the homepage inventory can help you determine ownership and replacement value so that you need to submit a claim and ensure fair settlement.

Coverage analysis lets you know if you have enough insurance.

Powerful reports can be shared with your insurance agent.

Mac cracked apps management

Stay on top of home maintenance tasks by building a schedule that integrates with calendars and reminders.

Track important information about your home, such as its year of completion, square feet, purchase price, and your property evaluation history.

Estate planning

Assign an heir to each item in your inventory.

The heir report can be added as an appendix to your wishes.

Fast and easy data entry

Use our free assistant app Home Inventory Remote Entry to add items to iPhone and iPad while staying away from the computer.

Add items to your inventory by scanning the UPC / EAN barcode in the remote entry of the home list on your iPhone or iPad.

Use the inbox in your homepage inventory to store receipts for items you want to add to inventory later.

Add receipts to your homepage inventory inbox directly from your email or browser without opening your homepage inventory.

Home IOS List

Use our free homepage list mobile backup app to back up and view your inventory on your iPhone or iPad.

Use our free Home Inventory Remote Entry application to quickly enter the item information on your computer into your iPhone or iPad.

Other main functions

Use the scanner to add photos and receipts

Custom fields and field layout

Built-in currency conversion

Powerful and flexible reporting options

password protection

Import and export CSV data

Warranty expiration alert

Keep multiple inventory

Support tabs in Sierra

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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