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Hidden Through Time

Hidden Through Time 1.0.9 (56936)

Hidden Through Time mac cracked apps – Join the Clique and other characters in a colorful and attractive Hidden Through Time adventure. You will go through four eras of humanity, solving numerous mysteries and secrets of that time. Enjoy stunning hand-drawn graphics and fluid animations.

Hidden Through Time

You will start from where life first began on Earth, and you will continue until you visit the modern world. The player will have to find a variety of items in huge locations with a large number of side items, objects and characters. On the interface below you will be shown things to find. They can be hidden indoors, under a table, in a closet or other objects. -Hidden Through Time

Look down on the entire area and click on a house, for example, to “scan” it and see what’s inside. Since things can be inside buildings, this procedure is a must for you! Each level of the task will become more difficult, and there will be more and more surrounding elements. You will get to the point where there will be dozens of characters running around the fire, many animals moving from side to side and other minor objects on the map. In all this confusion, you need to find hidden things in order to unlock the next stages.

Players can create their own levels with hundreds of different items in their inventory: animals, people from different eras, scenery, roads, fences, trees, rocks and more. Make sentient beings move to confuse the seeker. Hide items as deep as possible and share your creation with other users.

Hidden Through Time is a game of hide and seek with objects scattered throughout the wonderful history of our world. Use cryptic hints to discover every secret as you explore the colourful hand drawn levels.
Find enough objects to advance to the next stage, and make your way through all four great ages.
Still desire more or wish to unleash your creativity? Our map editor is available to anyone, allowing you to create your very own levels and share them on our cloud! Here you can also discover, play and rate levels made by other creators from all around the world! So join Clicky on his wondrous adventure in Hidden Through Time!

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