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Hej Stylus

Hej Stylus! 3.7.0

Hej Stylus! mac cracked app – Hej Stylus is an ultra-precise cursor control that can help you move the mouse like a stroke! The simple and practical cursor stabilization application is the favorite small drawing tool for many painters and artists. There are many practical drawing functions. – Hej Stylus!

Hej Stylus! Software function:

  1. Pressure mapping

The new pressure mapping function can obtain the pressure output of the stylus and map it along a linear function or a Bessel function. Simulate Hart / Soft Media behavior-even reverse pressure. Or just use the bezier function to make it crazy and make your lines look like slimy ink. All of this is possible. New position smoothing method

  1. New location algorithm

Compare your cursor position with its previous position. Drag the slider slightly to eliminate small noises-drag them all to the right to draw a straight line. This smoothing method is very suitable for painters, so it can be very delicate and fast. It also caught up with your “end of line” position.

  1. Pressure smoothing / buffering

The working principle of pressure smoothing is similar to the new “position smoothing method”, which is suitable for arbitrary sketching / drawing and painting. A pressure buffer works like a bunch of values: starting at 0, it starts collecting data and creating an average value at a given buffer size. This is very useful for establishing a production line smoothly and maintaining stability (for example, using cross-hatching). The cooling time may be long-depending on the size of your buffer.

  1. Smooth tilt and rotation

Tilt and rotation smoothing also work similarly to the new position smoothing method. With large paintings, rakes, brushes, now more powerful than ever

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Mac cracked app screenshot:

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