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HDR Effect 1.10

HDR Effect mac cracked apps is a powerful photo editing tool that allows you to create beautiful and stunning HDR effects on your photos. HDR effects are most suitable for landscapes and exterior/indoor scenes. A single HDR algorithm can meet user needs and produce the best results. In addition to the HDR effect, you can also adjust the base color, filter, vignette, HDR noise reduction, smart color tone, etc. to make your photos more beautiful.

HDR Effect function:

  1. HDR algorithm

Transform your imagination and take beautiful photos at once. The application uses advanced HDR algorithms and combines multiple exposures and tone mapping to produce excellent results.

  1. Support RAW format

We let you import huge RAW images to create professional HDR images and generate realistic and natural results in almost all popular image formats. Edit JPEG, PNG, RAW or any other images instantly and produce excellent HDR output.

  1. Quick edit mode:

Through Auto HDR, highlight effects, noise reduction, brightness, contrast and color saturation adjustments, you can quickly and easily edit images. Auto HDR will automatically enhance the details, color and contrast of a single standard jpeg image with one click.

  1. Advanced photo effects:

Restore the look, feel and innovative beauty of photos taken in darkrooms and modern digital studios in the past. Adjust the tones to get the perfect natural balance of the images you envision, and combine them with the vignette.

  1. Pre-defined and customized high-end presets

Starting from the right foot, choose a style that inspires you, and adjust them by controlling the intensity, brightness, contrast, saturation, and warmth to make your image perfect. Get the effect you want by customizing the presets in various choices, so that the image is close to the target and the image looks like yourself. Different HDR mixes like: realistic, bright day, detailed, hot movie, smooth, warm sunset, basic black and white, dim forest, sunrise glow, they will automatically align to produce the clearest effect. Use any preset to get a more realistic look or an enhanced look with more vivid colors and contrast-choose the look you want.

mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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