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Google Chrome

Google Chrome 85.0.4183.121

Google Chrome for mac – Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google. The browser is based on other open source software, including WebKit. The goal is to improve stability, speed and security, and create a simple and efficient user interface.

Google Chrome Features:

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The biggest highlight of Chrome is its multi-process architecture, which protects the browser from crashing due to malicious web pages and applications. Each tab, window, and plug-in runs in its own environment, so a problem with one site will not affect the opening of other sites. By restricting each site and application software to a closed environment, this architecture further improves the security of the system.

high speed

Use WebKit engine. WebKit is simple and compact, and can efficiently use memory, which is quite easy for new developers to use. Chrome has a DNS pre-interception function. When browsing a webpage, “Google Chrome” can query or pre-intercept the IP addresses of all links on the webpage. Landing page. Chrome has GPU hardware acceleration: When GPU hardware acceleration is activated, the rendering can be completed faster when using “Google Chrome” to browse websites with a large number of images and the page will not be broken when the page is scrolled.

In April 2013, Google announced that it would develop a new autonomous browser engine Blink for the Chrome browser. In the latest Chrome development version, Blink has officially appeared.

Almost invisible

To say that Chrome’s interface is simple is not enough to explain its simplicity. Chrome is hardly like an application software. Most of the screen space is used to display sites visited by users, and Chrome buttons and logos are not displayed on the screen. The designers of Chrome stated that they wanted users to forget that they were using a browser software, and their goal was basically achieved.

Simple search

One of Chrome’s iconic features is Omnibox-a general-purpose toolbar at the top of the browser. Users can enter the website address or search keywords in Omnibox, or enter both at the same time, and Chrome will automatically perform the operations that the user wants. Omnibox can understand the user’s preferences. For example, if a user likes to use the search function of the PCWorld website, once the user visits the site, Chrome will remember that the PCWorld website has its own search box and let the user choose whether to use the search function of the site. If the user chooses to use the search function of the PCWorld website, the system will automatically perform the search operation.

Flexible labeling

Chrome provides new features for tabbed browsing. Users can “grab” a label and drag and drop it into a separate window. Users can integrate multiple tags in one window. Chrome can use the configuration of a certain tab that the user likes when it starts, and other browsers need third-party plug-ins to provide this function.


Blacklists: “Google Chrome” regularly updates blacklists to prevent phishing and malware, and warns users when they try to browse websites that may cause computer damage. This service can also be obtained by using other free free application programming interface (API) “GoogleSafe Browsing API”. While updating and maintaining these blacklists, Google will also notify the websites that have been included in order to prevent website owners from not knowing that the website contains malware.

Sandboxing: Every tab in “Google Chrome” is a sandbox to prevent “malware from destroying the user system” or “using tabs to affect other tabs”. Following the principle of least privilege, the permissions of each action will be restricted, and only operations can be performed, but files cannot be written or read from sensitive areas (such as My Documents, Desktop).

The Sandbox Team is a way of saying that they “use existing operating program restrictions and turn these restrictions into a prison.” For example, malware operating on one of the tabs will not be able to steal credit card numbers and interfere with The mouse works, or tells the system to run a program at startup, and the malware will terminate immediately when the tab is closed.

Plugins: Plugins usually do not have a unified standard and cannot be sandboxed like tabs. These usually need to run on the browser’s own security level or higher. In order to reduce the risk of being attacked, the plug-in runs independently. Starting from version 5.0, “Google Chrome” built-in Adobe Flash Player to ensure that the latest version is used to reduce the risk of being attacked. Later, in version 9.0, the Flash player was built into the sandbox to run independently. This technology is a milestone in Chrome’s security progress.

It is especially important for Windows XP users, because it is the only browser on the platform that provides Flash embedded sandbox operation. Starting from version 8.0, “Google Chrome” has a built-in PDF reader that runs independently in the sandbox.

Multiprocessing: Allows multiple programs to run at the same time without affecting each other. Each web page label exists independently of the window program. When resources are too high or crashes, the entire program will not crash due to a pause.

Task Manager: A very distinctive tool. Users can check which websites occupy the most memory, download traffic, and CPU resources. It is good for managing various tabs and plug-ins, and it is also convenient for users to terminate malicious operations.

Fraud and malicious program protection: When “Google Chrome” detects that browsing a website may be harmful, it will issue a real-time warning. The browser will send part of the visited URL to Google to find out if the URL is listed in the list of scams and malicious sites. (Detection of phishing and malware).

Auto-updates: To ensure protection from the latest version of security updates, “Google Chrome” will regularly check for updates to ensure that the updates are always the latest version. The update check ensures that the latest version of the security features and corrections will be used. The browser will automatically update to the new version without any action by the user. After the update, it will be used automatically in the next startup.

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