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GIF Brewery

GIF Brewery 3 v3.9.5

GIF Brewery 3 mac cracked app – is a professional Video to GIF software, which can not only meet the needs of multiple functions such as screen recording, video to GIF, video to GIF, etc., but also supports special functions such as cutting the size, adjusting the number of frames, and adding titles before conversion. The video to GIF tool is in use In the process, you only need to add the video file to be converted, then select the animation content to be intercepted on the timeline, and finally click the start button to easily perform the gif production process.

GIF Brewery function:

1, gif adjustment

You can set the size, resolution, frame number and other data of the gif image in the creation.

2, record screen video

After opening the gif brewery, you can adjust the selection at will. You can freely adjust the size of the selection to set the location of the screen recording and generate it as a gif file

3. Camera recording

gif brewery can record video through mac’s camera and convert it to gif picture.

4. Create gif images based on local video files

Create a gif picture based on the current clip and gif picture settings.

The current clip can be set by using the “Set Start” and “Set End” buttons at the bottom of the window.

5. Use network video files to create gif images

Add a URL to use a video on the web to record a gif image.

mac cracked app

Mac cracked app screenshot:

GIF Brewery

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