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#Gazer 1.0.2

#Gazer mac cracked apps is a text that you can quickly and easily view markup format (such as Markdown). It can customize many special functions of the application according to your needs, and also has a real-time update function, which can automatically update the view of the document when the file is saved.

Gazer function:

  1. Supported markup languages

Gazer natively supports the following markup languages: Markdown, MarkdownExtra, MultiMarkdown, BBCode, HTML, Smark, Textile, Wikitext. automatically detects which markup language should be used for the file extension of the file to be displayed. In preferences, you can add new file extensions and change their assignment to the corresponding language.

In addition, other markup languages ​​CriticMarkup are also supported, which can be provided with custom CSS styles through the #preferences.

For MultiMarkdown users, there is also a special option to use the MultiMarkdown terminal tool through #GazerPreferences.

  1. Automatic content update

Gazer automatically updates the view every time a file is saved. This allows you to edit the text in your favorite editor while viewing the formatted document.

Textbundle and Textpack support

Gazer also supports the popular Textbundle and Textpack formats, and can also be formatted in all markup languages ​​supported.

  1. Custom preview

You can use CSS files to control the view of the document in #Gazer. comes with four different styles, each with light and dark versions. In addition, you can use Gazer’s default settings to add any number of custom CSS files that can be used for previewing.

  1. HTML code preview

In addition to the formatted preview, you can also view the HTML code of the formatted document.

  1. Basic URL options

Gazer provides a wide range of options for setting the base URL, which allows you to display images from other directories or web pages in the document.

  1. More functions

Export to various formats: TXT, RTF, RTFD, ODT, DOC, PDF, HTML, Textbundle, Textpack

Edit-open the current document in another application

Press the button to copy the HTML code to the clipboard

Adjust font size in preview

View files in Finder

Quickly switch between dark and bright user interface

Full screen mode

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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