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FonePaw Data Recovery

FonePaw Data Recovery 3.1.0

FonePaw Data Recovery mac cracked apps – FonePaw Data Recovery is an a professional data recovery wizard software! Scan your computer quickly and deeply to retrieve deleted images, videos, audios, emails, documents, etc. from the hard drive (including the recycle bin).

FonePaw Data Recovery

Function introduction:

When should I use FonePaw Data Recovery?

The professional data recovery wizard can recover lost data from different situations.

Recover deleted files in

If you accidentally lose data without a backup, empty the trash can or press “Shift + Del”? will quickly access the deleted files and restore them.

Hard disk recovery

Due to RAW hard drive, RAW partition or disk, data system damage or partition loss, effectively retrieve inaccessible/hidden/damaged files from Windows.

Partition recovery

You can recover lost data due to formatting, repartitioning, deleting the partition by mistake, system crash, improper cloning, etc.

Memory card recovery

This smart recovery tool can extract deleted and existing data from SD cards, CF cards, MMC cards, XD cards and SDHC cards.

Flash drive recovery

If you have cleaned the USB flash drive, FonePaw Data Recovery will be used as a doctor to recover lost files on removable storage media.

Crashed PC recovery

Any issues related to the Windows operating system (such as system upgrades) may erase data. This data recovery utility will rescue lost things from crashed Windows PC/Mac.

When you need to recover lost or destroyed data, data recovery software can be a real help. There are many software options for data recovery available, but they aren’t all the same. You can be sure that any lost data won’t be permanently lost by using a tested tool. FonePaw Data Recovery is one of these tools.

I’ll describe what FonePaw Data Recovery offers, how it functions, and its benefits and drawbacks in this review.
Review of FonePaw Data Recovery
With FonePaw Data Recovery, several types of erased data can be recovered in a matter of minutes. There are versions for Windows and Mac that function well with various hardware and gadgets.

Recovery is possible for documents, archives, contacts, calendars, notes, audio files, and more. Because FonePaw Data Recovery offers two intelligent data recovery modes, there is a very good possibility that your lost data can be recovered.

Only inaccessible or deleted files will be dealt with. All other data on your drives is left untouched by FonePaw Data Recovery. Keep in mind that because the tool makes use of the reading and writing speeds of your hard disk, it might affect the performance of your background programs. Closing any open programs before starting a data recovery attempt is a good idea.

Advantages and disadvantages of FonePaw Data Recovery.

Windows Vista/XP, 10, 7, and 8 files that have been deleted permanently can be retrieved. PowerPoint, Excel, and Word files can be used to recover and remove emails, audio files, movies, and pictures taken on a Windows PC.

The following are some of the features of FonePaw Data Recovery:

Files that are corrupted, lost after a format, mistakenly deleted, or unable to be accessed due to system issues can all be retrieved.
Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, and 10 are supported for data recovery.
The Quick Scan and Deep Scan functions can handle challenging data recovery scenarios.
You can inspect the deleted files before recovery to decide if they are worth recovering.
It is possible to recover files that were corrupted, hidden, or otherwise unavailable from your Windows system due to data system damage, partition loss, or a RAW disk or hard drive.
Incorrect cloning, system crashes, an unintentional partition deletion, repartitioning, partition reformatting, and other causes can all result in the recovery of lost data.
A smart recovery tool can extract recent and erased data from SDHC cards, XD cards, MMC cards, CF cards, and SD cards.
Files can be recovered from removable storage devices with FonePaw Data Recovery.
In the event of data recovery:

(RM/RMVB, AVI, MOV, MP4, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, ASF, FLV, SWF, MPG, etc.)
a document that contains audio (AIF/AIFF, M4A, MP3, WAV, WMA, MID/MIDI, OGG, AAC, etc) (PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, CWK, HTML, HTM, INDD, EPS, VSD, ODT, ODP, ODS, ODG, ODF, RTF, etc.)
archive (ZIP, RAR, BZip2, 7z, SIT, SITX, SYS, LIB, DLL, 7ZIP, GZIP, etc.)
email (ZIP, RAR, BZip2, 7z, SIT, SITX, SYS, LIB, DLL, 7ZIP, GZIP, etc.)
If the storage devices are formatted in the EXT, exFAT, FAT32, FAT16, or NFTS file system, USB detachable drives and memory card files for Mac and PC can be restored.

Rapid Scan
It doesn’t take long to perform a Quick Scan. After you begin the scan, the process begins and terminates in a short amount of time. Because FonePaw Data Recovery simply searches for removable media, lost volumes, or specific media, it operates swiftly. With a simple scan, the bulk of deleted data can be located. Because the program primarily searches for recently deleted items, scan results may be somewhat constrained.

Broad Scan
If the Quick Scan results don’t satisfy you, you can do a Deep Scan. Although it will take much longer, you can expect better outcomes. In most cases, Deep Scan yields better results while looking for lost or deleted documents, videos, or photographs.

How Can Data Recovery Be Used?
The user interface of FonePaw Data Recovery is easy to understand. Even the most skilled and experienced users may find the user interfaces of the majority of recovery applications bewildering. The data recovery choices will all be shown on the main interface.

You will be guided smoothly through the recovery procedure by all options and menus. Use FonePaw Data Recovery to find your deleted files by downloading it to a drive that doesn’t have any deleted files on it.

To recover deleted Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or PDF files on Windows, check the Documents box. You can recover recordings or photographs using the Videos or Photos settings, respectively. You can then select the Scan button after choosing the drive where the requested files were previously stored.

User interface for FonePaw Data Recovery.

A Quick Scan will be performed by default. After a short while, the interface will show the scanning results. A deeper search can be done using the Deep Scan option. Just be aware that it can take many hours or longer to finish this operation.

Quick scan with FonePaw Data Recovery.

After the scan is finished, the results will be displayed. In the search bar, you can locate files by their path name. Additionally, by clicking the icons adjacent to the Filter button, you can modify the Preview mode.

Filters for FonePaw Data Recovery.

Select the files you want to recover. In order to recover those deleted files, click the “Recover” button. Following that, you will be asked to specify the location in which the recovered data should be kept.

FonePaw retrieve files.

Save this information on a drive that hasn’t previously experienced data loss. In that way, if the recovery should fail, you can stop data loss from being overwritten.

Digital cameras, SD cards, and external hard drives that are connected to your computer can all have their data recovered using FonePaw Data Recovery. As long as no recently created data on that hard disk overwrote the information, it can be retrieved. The ability to restore particular files is not dependent on when they were deleted.

If no files are found throughout the scanning process, it’s conceivable that data on your memory card, hard drive, or another external drive may have been overwritten by new data. When sector saving data is written with “0,” lost files are permanently erased.

The majority of recovered files can be opened in the same way as the original files. If you can’t open the files, data may be corrupted or replaced by fresh data. To find out if anything has changed, you can run a Deep Scan.

Pricing for FonePaw Data Recovery
By utilizing its capabilities throughout the free trial period, you may determine whether FonePaw Data Recovery is worthwhile the investment. There are two distinct licensing kinds. The cost is determined by how many devices you plan to utilize. whether the Windows or Mac version. Pricing schemes include:

Single user license: $39.95 will get you this license. One PC can have it installed. Free updates for life are provided.
Family license: This license is available for $79.95. It can be installed on up to five separate personal computers and includes free lifetime upgrades.
Unfortunately, during the trial period, erased documents and photographs cannot be recovered or saved to the computer.

Versions for Android and iPhone are also available. Regardless of the operating system, they must first be installed on your computer. The program is far more versatile than only retrieving media files. It is possible to recover deleted messages from messaging applications, call logs, missing contacts, and other information typically kept on smartphones and tablets.

Additionally, information from SIM cards can be recovered. It is possible to recover contact information in the formats of HTML, VCF, and CSV. The algorithms used by FonePaw Data Recovery can be used to recover data on devices produced by Google, Huawei, and other firms at any time.

Cons & Pros
The benefits and drawbacks of FonePaw Data Recovery are shown below.


It is simple to recover documents, archives, audio, visual, and other file types.
There are two distinct intelligent data recovery modes available.
The RAW hard disk can be used to recover data. Additionally, you may quickly examine your computer for hidden, corrupted, or inaccessible files and recover them.
No matter why or how something was erased, information can be recovered (such as hardware failure, a system crash, malware or virus attack, being deleted by mistake, a formatted partition, or other reasons).
Among the different storage media that are currently supported are smartphones, memory cards, USB drives, internal, and external hard drives.

Larger file recovery can be challenging.
Because the recovery and data scanning operations consume resources, FonePaw Data Recovery may cause your system to lag.
No specific folders may be examined. Instead, you must scan the entire hard disk, which could take longer than you anticipate.

Review of FonePaw Data Recovery Summary
Since 2014, FonePaw has been developing a variety of useful goods for customers throughout the world. Over 20 tools have been introduced by them.

Around the world, more than eight million people have previously used these programs. The business keeps releasing increasingly more practical products to make people’s lives easier. Check out all of their offerings.

With the aid of data recovery software, data that was accidentally deleted or lost as a result of hardware issues can be recovered. Any storage device that is linked to your computer can be used for recovery, as well as your Mac or PC directly.

No matter how they vanished in the first place, FonePaw can recover lost folders and documents. This is a great tool if you want to restore smaller files. For larger files, FonePaw Data Recovery performs substantially worse, although this is a problem with most contemporary data recovery tools.

The ability to restore files even if a partition is broken or malfunctions is the tool’s strongest feature. There are a few shortcomings, but none of them warrant alarm. The money spent on FonePaw Data Recovery is wisely spent.

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