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FoldersSynchronizer 5.1.2

FoldersSynchronizer mac cracked apps is a file synchronization and backup tool on the Mac platform. It can fully synchronize or back up files, folders and disks, and supports batch processing. FoldersSynchronizer allows you to specify global settings, such as whether FS displays a preview panel, and lists all files that FS will copy, replace, and delete.

FoldersSynchronizer function:

  1. Backup

When backing up, the target folder will be upgraded with the latest file, new file (new entry) and new folder (new entry) from the source folder. The source folder will remain unchanged. FoldersSynchronizer can perform incremental or precise backups. Incremental backups (default) never delete items. The exact backup will be deleted from the destination folder, all items that no longer exist in the source folder, and items will never be deleted from the source folder.

  1. Synchronization

When synchronizing, the old files in both directions will be replaced by the latest files. Both new files (new entries) and new folders will be copied in both directions. Old folders will not be completely replaced by new folders like Finder, but their contents will be updated with the latest files, new files (new entries) and new folders (new entries). FoldersSynchronizer can perform incremental synchronization or precise synchronization. Incremental synchronization (default) will never delete items from the folder. Full synchronization will delete from the folder and no more items exist in the mirrored folder.

  1. Set value

FS allows you to perform backups or synchronizations incrementally or precisely, including invisible files…

  1. Timer

FS can automatically perform synchronization and backup according to the date/time and interval you want.

  1. More

FS allows you to define up to 32 pairs of folders, disks or files for backup or synchronization at one time.

  1. Filter

FS can automatically filter files and folders from the copy based on file name, file size, creation date…

  1. Exclude

FS allows you to exclude files and folders from the copy by dragging these items in the exclude list…

  1. Conflicts

You can specify how to perform various conflicts, or decide how to perform the operation manually later.

9, automatically mount the volume

FS can automatically mount and unmount local and remote volumes, disk images, iDisk…

  1. Apple script

FS can run its own AppleScript before and after executing each session to perform tasks.

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