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Fliqlo 1.8.3

Fliqlo mac cracked apps – is a very simple Mac OS The device clock screensaver application, with Fliqlo for mac, your Mac can display the latest time in a big picture when it is in standby. The size, style, color, and some details of the clock can be set freely, what you want It is very convenient to set what kind of time the clock is.


When it comes to items with a sense of the times, everyone may think of it differently. There are some very old things in my life, such as Japanese clockwork clocks older than me, old wooden cabinets and pendulums in Taiwan. The flip clock on the bookshelf, but not everyone has experienced this period of history. My impression of flip clocks only exists in the movie, until once I saw it in the old things market. Fall in love with it deeply.

There will be a “pop” sound when the flip clock jumps, and the large number is the feature of the flip clock. Although it looks like an outdated product now, it somehow fits well with the study room, and is worn like many old things. With some traces of history, the simple design now seems more flavorful.

If you like this kind of large digital flip clock design, Yuji Adachi, a Japanese developer, will bring the flip clock to your computer and mobile device. Fliqlo allows users to directly set the screen saver as a flip clock, or A clock application that uses page turning effects on iPad and iPhone. Fliqlo supports Windows and macOS. It is completely free to use on the computer (if you like, free sponsors are welcome).

To put it simply, Fliqlo is divided into screen saver and mobile app. The former can be downloaded for free and is available for Windows and macOS. After installation, you can switch to the flip clock screen saver. If you want to use it on your iPad or iPhone, you must pay Buying an iOS app (price is $0.99), you can also turn your mobile device into a page-turning clock effect. The user reviews in the App Store are quite good.

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