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FileEncryptor 1.0.6

FileEncryptor mac cracked apps – is a convenient and simple encryption protection tool for your private files – FileEncryptor

FileEncryptor function:

  1. Normal mode:

One-click packaging of files into password-protected zip files, compatible with all major decompression software, and common formats can be decompressed across platforms

  1. Advanced mode:

One-click packaging of files into FileEncrypt proprietary format encrypted files, providing better encryption protection and protecting file security.

lets you encrypt, decrypt and share your files using a password.

This simple app lets you encrypt and decrypt files using a password that you specify.

is available on iOS, iPadOS and macOS so you can buy it once and you can use it on all of your Apple devices.

uses a standard encryption algorithm to protect your files.

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mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:


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