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FigrCollage Pro 3.3.5

FigrCollage Pro mac cracked apps – FigrCollage Pro is a photo collage tool on Mac, you can use Make photo collages in the form of any shape, number, word or text. Make a heart collage, digital collage, alphabet collage, word collage, or collage from any alphabet.

FigrCollage Pro

Absolutely anyone can make collages from shapes or text in minutes-no design expertise or experience. We bet you will be pleasantly surprised by the ease of use and the quality of the results! Make a collage in a standard shape or use your own custom shape. Here are some sample pictures made using FigrCollage Pro.

• Arrange pictures to form any shape• Arrange pictures to form any number• Arrange pictures to form any word or text• Large number of standard shapes to choose from• Use your own shapes• Layout pictures in a freeform photo pile or in a grid of rectangular/hexagonal/circular photos• Set a background color or use a transparent background• Select from a wide range of output sizes• Specify custom output sizes• Landscape or portrait collages• Export collage as JPEG, PNG, or TIFF to send it to a print shop or to print it from the local printer• Export collage to Photos app• Set collage as Desktop Picture• Share photo collage on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Email, and AirDrop• Save project to edit later

Compatibility: OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor -FigrCollage Pro

Mail Guide Feature in iOS 16
We have a separate iOS 16 Mail app guide if you want a complete rundown of everything new in the Mail app.
Apple Mail Unsend Email Instructions
How to Set Up Email Scheduling in Apple Mail
How to Set Up Apple Mail Email Reminders
How to Use Apple Mail Maps’ “Follow Up” Feature
The long-awaited multi-stop navigation functionality, along with several new transportation capabilities and UI tweaks, are all included in the iOS 16 Maps app. We have a dedicated article that details the changes for a complete list of everything new in Maps in iOS 16. -FigrCollage Pro

Cool Maps Guide Feature in iOS 16
How to Use Maps’ Multi-Stop Routing
In iOS 16, Siri provides new features like automatic message sending and the option to include emojis when sending texts or emails. Additionally, Apple has made significant enhancements to dictation. In addition to highlighting pertinent how-tos below, our comprehensive iOS 16 Siri guide details all of the new capabilities.

Siri Guide Feature in iOS 16
How to Make Siri Wait Longer for You to Finish Speaking How to Automate Messages Sent With Siri
How to Use Siri to Make Your iPhone’s Speaker Announce Notifications
Fitness and Wellness
New features for fitness and health are frequently included in iOS upgrades, and iOS 16 is no exception. The ability to track your sleep has improved, and you may now track your medications separately and receive reminders to take them. -FigrCollage Pro

Health Guide on iOS 16
With full details accessible in our iOS 16 Health and Exercise guide, other new features include health sharing invitations and fitness tracking without an Apple Watch.
How to Include a Vitamin or Medication in the Health App
How to Remove a Record from Your Health App Medication Log
How to Use the Health App to Share Your Medication List
Shared Photo Library on iCloud
To make it simpler to share images with friends and family, iOS 16 adds iCloud Shared Photo Library. Similar to a typical personal library, a shared library can accommodate up to five users.

iCloud Photos Guide Feature in iOS 16
In our comprehensive iCloud Shared Photo Library guide, we cover all the information you require in complete detail. According to Apple, an upgrade to iOS 16 will include iCloud Shared Photo Library later this year rather than at the time iOS 16 is released. -FigrCollage Pro
How to Manage the Timing of iPhone Camera Saves to Your iCloud Shared Photo Library
How to Send an iCloud Shared Photo Library Invitation
How to Make a Shared Photo Library in iCloud
How to Change the iCloud Shared Photo Library’s Deletion Notification Settings
With iOS 16’s Live Text functionality, you can pause a movie and choose the text inside it just like you would an image. You can copy, paste, translate, and do other things with text in a paused video frame.


A live Translate Camera, Quick Actions, and many new Live Text capabilities are covered in detail in our Live Text tutorial.
How to Inline Convert Money, Time Zones, Temperatures, and Other Things Text Privacy and Security
Landscape Face ID, Security Check, quicker security upgrades, Passkeys, and other privacy and security-related enhancements are all part of iOS 16. -FigrCollage Pro

Yellow Apple Privacy
Every new feature you should be aware of is highlighted in our Security and Privacy Guide.

Reminders and Notes
Quick Notes now operate on iPhone for the Notes app, notes may be protected with a device passcode, and there are updated smart folders. However, Apple hasn’t talked much about the new capabilities in Notes and Reminders in iOS 16.

note in iOS 16 -FigrCollage Pro
Regarding Reminders, you can save and load list templates, pin lists, and there is a completed smart list that displays accomplished activities. Our article provides an exhaustive breakdown of all the new features in Notes and Reminders.

Camera and images
New cool features have been added to the Photos app, including the ability to copy and paste adjustments and more secure recently deleted and hidden albums that are biometrically protected.

Photos and Camera Guide Feature in iOS 16
The persons album can be alphabetized, duplicate images may be removed, and a real-time translation feature for the Camera app is now available. -FigrCollage Pro

You can get a detailed list of all the new features in Photos and Camera in our guide.
How to Use the Camera App’s Text Translator
How to Lock Recently Deleted and Hidden Photo Albums
How to Find Duplicates in Your Photo Library, Merge Them, and Delete Them
How to Paste Edits into Photos by Copying Them
How to Reverse and Undo Individual Photo Edits
Lighthouse Search
In iOS 16, a new “Search” button has been added to the Home screen to make it simpler to use Spotlight search. Additionally, this button now supports Quick Actions, making it possible to perform tasks like initiating a timer, turning on a Focus, or launching a shortcut.

Search Guidance for iOS
Siri’s recommendations have improved, and Spotlight will be able to begin a Live Activity that can be tracked on the Lock Screen when Live Activities releases in the future. Additionally, there are more rich results and improvements to picture search. Our Spotlight guide provides a detailed overview of Spotlight. -FigrCollage Pro

a weather app
In addition to a dedicated Weather Lock Screen and weather widgets you can add to any Lock Screen, the Weather app now allows you to tap into any of the Weather modules to gain much more information on metrics like temperature, precipitation, air quality, UV index, and more.

Weather Guide Feature in iOS 16
We have a guide just for the Weather app if you want to learn more about it.
How to Receive Severe Weather Alerts -FigrCollage Pro

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