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Fetch 5.8.1127

Fetch mac cracked apps is a version for Mac The system’s ftp upload tool has the characteristics of user interface emphasizing simplicity and ease of use. It supports StuffIt, Zip, Tar, Gzip and other file formats, supports fast file transfer and Apple’s Bonjour technology, supports Unicode file names, and can display the transfer status on the Dock, improving AppleScript support. – Fetch

Fetch function:

1. Use TLS/SSL (FTps) to support FTP, SFTP and FTP – Fetch

2, droplet shortcut, convenient to upload – Fetch

3. Use the mirroring command to synchronize folders

4. Support drag and drop files and folders between the server and Mac or between two servers

5. Automatic recovery upload and download failed or failed

6. Quick view supports previewing files on the server

7. Edit any type of file, the changes will be automatically saved back to the server

8. Compatible with almost all FTP servers, including VMS, VM/CMS, OS/2, Chyron, etc.

9. Check the overall progress and remaining time of multiple file transfers

10. Use Dropbox or shared file server to synchronize shortcuts between Macs

11. The search field is used to filter the file list to display only the files you want

12. Support saving the modified date of uploaded files

mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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