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Factorio 1.1.59 (55619)

Factorio mac cracked app – Factorio is A 2D production and construction simulation game, where you need to design and build different automatic production lines to continuously produce more and more complex industrial products. Use your imagination as much as you want, and combine simple equipment such as conveyor belts, robotic arms, and assembly machines to create your own automated production building complex. At the same time, don’t forget to protect your industrial empire from the threat of alien bugs. – Factorio

Factorio content:

1. In the game, you can mine, engage in scientific research, build factories, build automatic production lines, and at the same time fight against alien bugs. – Factorio

2. You will start with nothing and hardships. Swinging an axe to chop down trees, pick a pick for mining, make robotic arms and conveyor belts, but it’s useless to keep doing it like this. Therefore, you need an efficient large-scale power plant, a huge petrochemical system, a magnificent fully automated industrial chain, and a team of robots running around for you, so that you can become the real controller of an industrial empire with abundant material reserves! – Factorio

3. However, there is always a group of things that want to harm you. The indigenous insect swarms on this planet are very unhappy with your tossing around in your backyard. One day these insects will unite to make you trouble. Therefore, you have to make weapons, build defenses, prepare for suppression, and let them know who is the real master.

You can join different factions in a multiplayer game, work together with your friends to build a magnificent industrial park. The module support of “Alien Factory” has attracted designers from all over the world to participate in the innovation and improvement of the game. From optimization and adjustment to game assistance, and even the complete renovation of the game, the ever-changing modules will continue to provide you with New fun.

4. In addition to the core free mode and sandbox mode of the game, the mission pack provides more different forms of game challenges, which has been provided to players as a free DLC.

5. Not satisfied with the randomly generated map? Not satisfied with native game tasks? These are just minor problems. Through the built-in map editor, you can modify the map at will, configure various elements such as terrain, buildings, enemies, etc. If you are a big hit, you can also add custom scripts to make your game more original and interesting!

6. Non-discount statement: We do not have any discount or price reduction plan.

7. See what the players have said about “Alien Factory”:

8. There has never been a game that has done so well in the simulation of logistics management. -Reddit

9. When I close my eyes and my mind is full of conveyor belts, I may be immersed in “Alien Factory” and cannot help myself. -Notch, Mojang

10. When I used the teleporter to bully bugs, I felt “Alien Factory” was great! -Zisteau, Youtube

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