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Exporter for Contacts

Exporter for Contacts 1.6

Exporter for Contacts mac cracked apps – For Mac is a popular and most comprehensive Mac application that exports contact data in contacts/address book to Excel, CSV and other formats, and can organize customizable export settings templates to make repeated export easier. Exporter for Contacts can export selected contacts, groups and the entire address book. Exporter for Contacts allows you to decide which contact fields will be exported in which order. The application comes with predefined export templates for common applications such as Outlook for Windows or Gmail.

Exporter for Contacts

Exporter for Contacts function:

1. Safe and respectful

Any contact conversion is completely done locally on the Mac. Compared with other applications, “Contact Exporter” will not analyze or even store your contacts on a remote server. The app also does not perform any usage tracking and is done by developers who do not hide their identity.

You can create native Excel files

Stop fiddling with clumsy CSV files. Easily import your contacts into Excel, Numbers or Filemaker-save the date, leading zeros and special characters!

2, create a custom electronic business card

You can decide which data of the contact should be included in the exported vCard.

3. Support multiple versions of macOS

The application can be used with OS X 10.9 and any newer version of OS X (including macOS 10.15 Catalina).

Create your own export template

The application comes with export templates for many applications and web services (such as Outlook for Windows and Gmail), but you can also create an unlimited number of custom export templates to make repeated exporting easier. The export template remembers the contacts and groups to be exported, as well as the contact field selection and file format settings of the exported file.

4. This is a real Mac application

The contact exporter runs locally on the Mac. This is not a web application. Why is it so important? Thanks to the local application, you can ensure that your data remains private and safe. Your contacts do not need to be transferred to the website before they can be converted into data files. Your contact data will never be intercepted or used for any purpose you don’t want.

Mac cracked apps

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