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Enolsoft PDF Compressor

Enolsoft PDF Compressor 3.4.0

Enolsoft PDF Compressor mac cracked apps – allows you to just click One click, you can reduce the size of PDF on Mac. The storage space of the device must be expanded. Easily upload and share PDF files. Avoid splitting large PDF files for storage. No effect The resolution image has no content influence without changing the design file. It is our condition to reduce the size of PDF files. -Enolsoft PDF Compressor

Enolsoft PDF Compressor

After reduced PDF files size, the storage requirements will automatically go down. Then you can store more files easier! In general, when we get the hint that our drive’s storage is not enough, we usually choose to delete useless files or enlarge our drive storages. -Enolsoft PDF Compressor

With PDF compressor, you cloud set the size you want to compress depends on your requirement. (Including custom size, large size, medium size, small size and minimal size.) -Enolsoft PDF Compressor

Most PDFs are larger than you expect, it may because files with a very large amount of content, such as vector, raster image content, and embedded full fonts.

In fact, images used in PDF files are often larger than necessary, and no need to embed full fonts etc. PDF compressor for Mac reduces the file size at the condition of keeping same quality as original files through delete unnecessary element, compress images without effecting resolution etc.

mac cracked apps

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