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Ember 1.8.5

Ember mac cracked app is a digital creative clip Book application: Whether it is a webpage, a photo, or an app, it can do it all, just drag and drop the picture you want to keep. You can sort them into categories, add comments and feedback, and share your pictures through various network services. It is designed for creative people like you on the Mac platform.

Ember function:

1. Organize your ideas and design inspirations

Drag and drop local or network pictures, organize them in favorites, and add tags to them. The smart collection function can sort all your information through tags or other metadata.

2, subscribe to your favorite website

Use subscriptions to browse the web more intuitively. You can store pictures directly to your Ember database, and share with friends and colleagues.

3. Make a scrapbook and collect favorite designs

does not need to run* to directly store web pages in the database through powerful Safari and Chrome browser plug-ins. You can even send pictures to favorites directly from the browser. uses the browser width setting to capture, what you see is what you capture and save.

has a built-in adaptive browser that allows you to freely set the width of the adaptive web page when capturing web pages. “Element selection” mode allows you to move the mouse to capture the corresponding area on the page. It is also equipped with convenient presets to help your love device (iOS device) set the browser width.

4. Color

Use simple and natural words (such as “light blue”) to search for matching images in the database. Now you can also use colors as rules in Ember’s powerful smart collection. For example, you can set all five-star-rated white interior design images as a smart collection.

5, iCloud

Place your database in iCloud, which supports synchronization between multiple Macs

6. Screenshots

Use to capture the screen, the image will be named automatically and appear in your database. You can take full screen, countdown full screen, area and window image capture.

Scribble feedback directly on the picture

The beautiful painting and text tools allow you to leave feedback directly on the picture. The cropping and rotation functions make your picture size perfect and uniform.

7. Full screen operation

Use Ember to work without interference.

Share with friends and colleagues

Automatically recognize iPhone and iPad screenshots

Database organization has since become simple: just drag and drop the PNG files in your favorite device (iOS device), and Ember will automatically organize them for you and classify them into “mobile phones” and “tablets”!

8. Import from LittleSnapper

Ember can import LittleSnapper databases and add them to your Ember database.

mac cracked app

Mac cracked app screenshot:

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