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electerm 1.3.10

electerm mac cracked apps – is a terminal emulator, File manager, ssh remote connection, sftp client as one tool (similar to xshell), allows double-click to directly edit remote files (small files), use the built-in editor to edit local files, use publickey + password authentication, Zmodem (rz, sz), there are also functions such as custom terminal styles, global/session proxy, and synchronization of bookmarks/themes/quick commands to github secret gist.

electerm function:

1. As a terminal or ssh/sftp client (similar to xshell)

2. The hotkey brings the window back to the front (similar to guake, the default is ctrl + 2)

3. Support multiple platforms (linux, mac, win)

4, support multiple languages

mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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